What do I do?

My current interest lies in the Dynamical Systems theory. I've completed my Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering with a GPA of 8.7/10. I spend my days trying to make sense of the nonlinear dynamical phenomena exhibited by simple lower degree of freedom oscillator prototypes that model the behavior of mechanical systems undergoing impacts and friction. These systems are studied under the purview of discontinuity induced bifurcations where there are occurrences of events like chaos, grazing, co-existence, chattering, squeal, intermittency etc. Such phenomenological behaviors could be consequences of loosening of joints, free-play in gears/aeroelastic systems or sticking-slidings at tool-chip interfaces. These happenings can be highly detrimental to the performance of mechanical systems and can lead to excessive wear. I thereby trace out the basins of attractions of such systems from which I attempt to figure out their safe operational ranges.

My activities and interests

Nonsmooth dynamics of systems in noisy environments

Noise and nonsmoothness have been shown to be the drivers of significant changes in qualitative behaviour of a system's dynamics. In nonsmooth systems we find certain types of qualitative changes in the behavior unheard of in the dynamical systems theory of smooth systems. Adding noise to smooth systems, as might be counter-intuitive, in some cases even induce stability in a system by eliminating multistable responses. This is the very objective of my Ph. D, to investigate such systems, which have so far seen very limited research.

Conferences and Schools

The pursuit of knowledge can take you places. It took me to the International Conference on Engineering Vibration at Sofia, the 5th International Conference on Complex Dynamical Systems and Applications at Guwahati and a summer school and workshop on non-smooth dynamics and complex networks at ICTS, Bengaluru. Upcoming event on the list is CNSD 2018 at JNU, New Delhi.

The Efficycle streak

During my undergrad I happened to represent my institute in a competition organized by SAE, India where we were supposed to fabricate a electric- manual driven hybrid trike. The learning happened, the liberty of being an undergrad faded away but the bond stayed. I happened to coordinate and be a judge at the events of subsequent years for the competition.

On experiments and the teaching assistantship

This is the set-up at the Uncertainty Lab I am currently working to develop to study the impact oscillator dynamics. I can operate the LDS shaker and the controller and acquire signals via accelerometers and analyze them on LabVIEW. I also enjoy demonstrating simple dynamical experiments for the Experimental Stress Analysis Lab(AM5400) and Applied Mechanics Lab(AM2540) courses in the Department.

The coding abilities

The journey from welding and grinding to punching the keys infront of a computer wasn't as dreadful as I thought it would be. Couldn't come up with a better image than a screenshot of my work screen right now. In the decreasing order of proficiency I can handle computations in Mathematica, Matlab and Python. I'm pacing up with HTML and CSS for the timebeing. Also, LaTeX and git have been helpful so far!

Leisure time activities

I am always up for easy to moderately difficult treks and adventure activities and would always sign up for a game of chess or two.